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Tri-Star Steel Named a Detroit Lions and Comerica Bank Small Business of the Game


Tri-Star Steel, a Detroit based, Veteran owned company since 1989 is proud to be named a 2019 Comerica Bank and Detroit Lions "Small Business of the Game" this coming Sunday, November 17th against the Dallas Cowboys.  Tri-Star Steel is one of only 8 Michigan businesses for the 2019 season that will be recognized across the Lions and Comerica nationwide social media accounts and pre-game interview.

All Tri-Star Steel employees will be present during the game to view a live pre-game show that will showcase the company prior to kick-off.  During the game, the Tri-Star Steel logo will be displayed across the stadium's video boards to its 60,000 fans, as well as across the internet to each company's millions of active users.

There is no doubt in our minds, relationships matter in business.  That means more than just the relationships that Tri-Star has with customers, suppliers, and employees.  Our relationship with Comerica means more than having a place to make deposits and withdrawals. Tri-Star Steel has a partner that not only understands the challenges that it faces but also provides solutions and ideas for overcoming those challenges.  Comerica has played a significant role in the growth and success of our company.  This is a special day for the entire company.  We are honored to be here and for this amazing opportunity to showcase our company.

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